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Country Heat featuring Autumn Calabrese

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If you hate the idea of lifting weights to get fit, you need Country Heat.  Turn up the Heat & Dance those pounds away in just 30 minutes a day.  Linedance-inspired Workout DVDs.  Meal Plan.  Portion-control Containers. 30 day supply of Shakeology.  Shaker Cup.  Free Coaching and Support.  Check out the Challenge Pack here for great savings.

It is important to us to be healthy and fit and we want to share our process and journey with you.

Welcome to Team Healthy and Fit

Welcome to Team Healthy and Fit!  We’re glad you’re here.  Our goal is to give you the tools, insights, and support to get the results you’re looking for in regards to your own health and fitness.  Whether you’re on a weight-loss journey, a body toning and strengthening regime, working to avoid hereditary health issues,  or perhaps all of the above… we’re here for you.

And now, a little about us:

Team Healthy and Fit

As a Team, we’re a growing group of coaches with a focus on working with individuals like yourself.  We are independent, yet we work under the umbrella of Beachbody.  You may have heard of some of the more well-known workout programs they market:  P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, and more.  Our Team is here to help you identify what your goals are and to give you the guidance to begin working toward those goals.

Team Healthy and Fit

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Your journey to be the healthiest you can be will require inspiration, motivation, and support.  At Team Healthy and Fit, we offer a sense of community for our clients.  A safe place where all are welcome.  Positive attitudes reign in our support groups.  You’ll learn that we all fail sometimes.  We learn from our mistakes, forgive ourselves, and step forward in confidence to reach our personal goals.  We are all a Team in our groups as we reach out and lift one another up, encourage each other in our accountability, and share our successes and tips openly.

Team Healthy and Fit

As Americans, we are bombarded every day with the “need” for easier, quicker meals.  We live life at a frantic pace.  Gone are the days of sit-down meals with the family where we share our experiences of the day.  Now, if we even see other family members, it’s often a briefly passing moment as we zip here or there with activities either for ourselves or our children.  Eating on the fly, in the car, at soccer practice or dance lessons is a common occurrence in many American lives.  Fast food and pre-packaged, highly processed foods have become a staple in our homes.  This is reflected in our ever-rising scale weight, both for ourselves and for our children!

We begin one-on-one to help you find the best workout program (including a meal plan) for where you are right now.   It’s been said that you can’t outwork a bad diet.  We fully believe that’s true.  Coach Terri has gained and lost substantial weight more than once with a combination of exercise and diet.  What she thought was a healthy diet allowed her to gain 50 pounds after an injury kept her from being able to exercise over an extended period of time.  Yet, with our 5-day Clean-Eating groups, we are seeing people lose up to 10 pounds just by focusing on clean, healthy meals eaten at the proper time coupled with the right amount of water our bodies need each day.  Add an exercise program to the work you’re doing in the kitchen, and you have a recipe for success!

Team Healthy and Fit

Once you understand the importance of eating properly, you’ll want to work on your fitness.  Perhaps you’ve struggled your entire life with your weight.  Maybe you’ve developed a mid-life paunch.  Or you just want to lose those last few pounds of post-baby weight.  On the flip-side, you may be the one who has been thin all your life, hate being called “skinny”, and want to strengthen and tone your slender body.  Whatever your goals are, we have an at-home fitness program available that will help you get the results you want.  No need for a gym membership.  All you need is a DVD player or a computer to stream your workouts online and you’re set.

Working together, we will determine which program best suits your abilities today.  We’ll help you get started on the right foot.  You’ll get all the support and encouragement you need from our coaches in a private, online environment.  We have several ways to offer you support.  Ask about our options.  We want to find the very best fit for you.  As you work toward your goals, we’ll adjust your program to challenge your ever-increasing fitness level.

There you have it.  Team Healthy and Fit.  A place where all are welcome, whatever your goals, whatever your fitness level, whatever your current weight challenges.  Welcome to the Team


Terri has encouraged me to become healthy and fit and I love it!  I work out every morning at home before heading off to work! It’s nice because I know I can get it done and out of the way, only a 25 minute work out!!

It’s much easier than getting in my car to drive to the gym. I know my house is clean and sanitary, unlike a gym where many people sweat and breath germs.

With Terri’s facebook group, I know I can always go there for encouragement from other strong women. THANK YOU TERRI!!!

Ani S
Lesli V

When I began 21-day-fix, I did not believe it would work and believed my money was being wasted…

The 21- Day-Fix Exercises and Portion Control Containers are a true life changing experience.  On the day I weighed myself and had dropped below 200 lbs., I cried.  I literally began to cry.  It had been so many years of seeing the scale climb steadily up and up and honestly believing I was going to die heavy and miserable.  I called my coach crying happy tears.

Many thanks to Autumn, Beachbody, Carl.  You all are amazing.

Lesli V

I have been wearing men’s size 36 carpenter jeans since last summer (before that, they were 38s!) Today I dug into my smaller clothes tub and tried on some ladies size 14…they slid easily over my tush…shock!!…then they even zipped!!…double shock!!  The button is a little snug, but I’m not complaining…I’m wearing “girl clothes” for the first time in about 5 years!!

I’ve lost more on the scale in 63 days than I lost in a year and a half with a personal trainer at the gym. And I’ve spent less money doing it, too.

Nellie A