Drinking Shakes To Lose Weight: Does It Really Work?

Many people have tried everything that they can think of to lose weight.  They’ve tried fad diets, gym memberships, and even medication.  While some people are able to get temporary results from these things, others fail to achieve any kind of success.  Consider weight loss shakes.

weight-loss-shakeWhether you’ve exhausted your weight loss options or you want to increase your results. There’s one more thing you may want to try.  Drinking shakes to lose weight is incredibly easy.  Shakes are a wonderful supplement when coupled with an exercise and nutrition program.  Weight loss begins in the kitchen.

Healthy eating is what you get when you eat fresh or raw ingredients with little or no additives other than seasoning for flavor and variety.  A diet heavy on fruits, veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats is the best for good nutrition.  However, to lose weight more quickly, you may replace no more than one meal per day with a healthy shake.  You’ll be able to cut calories while taking in a lot of healthy nutrients you couldn’t possibly get from your regular daily diet. These nutrients come from things called Superfoods.

Here are a few of the reasons that weight loss shakes are so effective:

  1. Filling – Weight loss shakes are specifically designed to keep you feeling full.  These shakes are high in protein for post-workout support of the muscles.  The low-glycemic-index ingredients are designed to give you additional nutritional support.  They keep your body from the extreme high and low swings often associated with foods high in sugars (regardless of whether they

    Meal replacement shake

    are natural or synthetic).  Think “sugar high” followed by that crashing fatigue.

  2. Easy – If you invest in a blender, drinking weight loss shakes every morning will be the easiest thing in the world.  If you prep the ingredients at the start of each week, all you have to do each morning is pop them into your blender.  You’ll have a nutritious meal in moments.  If lunch is your most difficult meal for making healthy choices, consider mixing a shake in a shaker cup for a healthy alternative to fast food.
  3. Energy – Most people who use a high-quality meal replacement shake daily report increased energy, a more positive attitude, and fewer aches after a workout among other benefits.  Drink your shake at lunch, and you may even notice residual energy when you hit the gym after work.  Use protein-dense meal replacement shakes as a recovery drink after a workout.

Whether you choose to use a shake after a morning workout, at lunchtime, or to replace your dinner, be sure to include healthy foods during the rest of your day to support your weight loss program.

Diets don’t work

shakeologyYou must change your behavior as it relates to food is how you will ultimately lose those unwanted pounds.  Think of it this way.  You didn’t gain that weight overnight, so you can’t lose it that way either.  The safest and healthiest way to lose weight is still a combination of nutrition and exercise.

Weight loss shakes are a good supplement to a good program of eating and exercise but don’t expect them to work miracles.  If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.  Change the way you think about food and you will change your weight.

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