Do I need at home workouts?

For many women, at home workouts are the best way to go for so many reasons.  We ladies have so many commitments with kids, husbands, bosses…we rarely take time for ourselves.  Think of it this way:  long soak in a bubble bath with soft music and scented candles or a 5-minute shower on the run…which one is most common in your life?  Most of us will have to say the second if we’re truly honest with ourselves.  You want to lose weight; get fit.  What are the options?

What about a personal trainer at the gym?


Fighting crowds at the gym a waste of time

Treadmills are boring…and the most often used machines in the gym

Years ago, I tried losing weight by skipping meals and jogging daily.  Sure, I lost weight, but not in a healthy way.  When I injured my ankle and couldn’t run anymore, I gained all the weight back.  I hired a personal trainer and hit the gym, but I was only scheduled for a few days each week because she was so busy herself.  She told me I should eat better, but never shared how I was to do that.  She even made it sound like it was optional.

Over a year and a half working with a personal trainer, I did lose a little weight but not much.  Eventually, my trainer’s life got busy and she began cutting my already few sessions to less and less until it wasn’t even worth getting together.  When we worked together at the gym, we wasted a lot of time cooling our heels waiting for other people to finish with machines, weights, and benches.  Thankfully, the gym membership was included in my HOA fees, so there wasn’t any extra cost for all that waiting around!  The trainer, on the other hand, was pretty pricey and she was giving me a price break because she was a personal friend.

Are workouts at home for me?

For women, at home workouts take away the excuses keeping us from losing the last of our “baby weight”, our “marriage is bliss” belly, even the mid-life paunch.  There’s no maximum age requirement, no minimum fitness requirement.  The only thing you need is the desire and commitment.  If you have space for a little stretching and moving around, you can workout at home.  Many of our fitness programs use little or no equipment.

What equipment will I need?

A few dumbbells (hand weights), a yoga mat, resistance bands, and a pull-up bar are the most common “tools” you’ll need.  Some use even less than that.  In fact, we even have dance-style programs available that have no equipment requirements at all.  If you love to dance, these babies can really work up a sweat!

Of course, if you’re looking to build some serious muscle, we have some incredible programs using a weight bench in addition to the other equipment and a full set of weights to really challenge your body.  A personal fitness coach is able to help you select the very best program for you to start with right now at your current fitness level which will get you moving toward your personal goals.

How much time will I need?

The beauty of a home workout program is that you have the freedom to squeeze it in between the activities of your day:  Little people are napping?  Pop in a DVD and get a great 30-minute workout in.  No need for a gym membership.  No need for a babysitter.  No boring treadmill or elliptical machines.  Kids off to school?  Have an hour before your next appointment?  Again, pop in the DVD and push “Play”.  Traveling for work?  No, problem.  Stream your home workout on your laptop or tablet!

How do I learn to eat Healthy?

Meal plans come with each home workout program we provide.  These plans show you how to determine how much you need to be eating.  They include an eating schedule to help you get the best possible results.  Some even give you little containers to help you learn about portion control so you’re eating the right amount of each type of food.  It’s been said that weight loss begins in the kitchen.  I believe that’s true.  Clean, healthy meals give you the proper fuel to carry you through your day without feeling hungry while still losing weight.  Your fitness coach will help guide you as you set out on your clean-eating venture.

What else will I need?

Even with the best coach, the best at home workout program, and a wardrobe of cute workout clothes, there’s still something missing.  Support.  Accountability.  Studies show that, though many women and men begin fitness programs, more than half will quit before finishing their program (even a short 21 day one).  Why?  When you workout at home, there is no one watching to see that you actually do the workout.  There is often flack from those closest to you reminding of all the times you’ve failed before.  What you’re missing is support from people just like you.

Your coach can help with that.  Her job is to encourage you when excuses and haters get you down.  She’ll give you strategies for staying strong even on the weekends when many people slack off.  She’ll be your cheerleader in all your victories both large and small, on the scale and off.  For inspiration, motivation, and celebration, you need a coach with a support group.

To recap, at home workouts for women work best because they are flexible with your schedule, they are portable, and they are fun.  Accountability or support groups are inspiring, motivating, and encouraging.  Coaches and other challengers like yourself become friends, often for life.  When you share your weight loss struggles and successes, you share a deeper bond than you’ll ever have with the lunch bunch or the coffee club.

Start your own fitness journey here and now.  Together, let’s choose your at home workout program today.  Message me to get started.