Weight Loss Coach

Many people starting out on a weight-loss journey choose to go it alone.  They’re embarrassed or discouraged by their appearance.  They don’t know where to start.  It seems an incredible uphill climb, but, at some point, they decide to go for it.  They ask themselves, “What are the benefits of a personal weight loss coach?  They’re probably too expensive.  I can do it myself.  How hard can it be?”  Sound familiar?

Starting your weight loss journey

Personal Weight Loss Coach

Treadmills are boring…and the most often used machines in the gym

You start with easy things like diet pills or a gym membership, right?  Maybe you skip meals or buy prepared meals combined with pills or powders.  Perhaps you actually show up at the gym a couple of times a week only to realize you have no idea where to start or how to use the machines.  You jump on a treadmill and walk or jog to justify the cost of the membership when, really, you could be walking or jogging around your neighborhood for free.

You even try a class, but the skinny girl leading it moves too quickly for you to get one move before she’s on to the next.  She shows little compassion for how you feel in your baggy unisex T-shirt and ratty sweats.  You don’t fit in, so you try the chubby girl’s class.  She has more compassion, but the class only meets once a week.  Now what?  You hear from friends about the benefits of a personal weight loss coach, but still, you resist.

The little voice in your head

Personal weight loss coach

Treadmills are boring…and the most often used machines in the gym

You keep at it on your own for a while.  At first, you lose some weight.  Then, you plateau or have an injury, so you quit.  You tell yourself you can’t use the gym with an injury.  By the way, why should you “punish” yourself with eating rabbit food since you “can’t” work out?

Out come the excuses.  I have an injury.  The membership fees are too high.  I hate to workout alone.  I hate to workout with so many people around. Eating healthy meals is too expensive.  I’m a failure.  I can’t do this.  Next thing you know, you’re heavier than when you started.  You’re more discouraged than ever.  This may be a familiar scenario, or not.  Either way, this is why many people don’t succeed at losing weight on their own. However, if you’re still committed to your weight loss journey, you can still those voices in your head.  You reconsider retaining a personal weight loss coach.

Personal trainer

Since this is such a common experience, some people turn to personal trainers for assistance.  A personal trainer will meet you at the gym for a certain period of time each week.  They teach you how to use the machines there.  They stand by you in the gym, counting your reps, encouraging you to push for heavier weights or more reps.  You typically pay them on an hourly basis whether you actually lose weight or not.  The challenge?  You’re still locked into the need for a gym membership.

Cost aside, at the gym you’ll have to wait your turn for the machines, weights, or benches you want to use.  A gym is often smelly, loud, and they play music that appeals to the gym manager, not necessarily the patrons.  You might even have to put up with bad attitudes from other patrons who feel they should have the right to every machine first until they feel like being done with it even if they are just sitting on it visiting with passersby.

Personal weight loss coach

By comparison, a personal weight loss coach is found online often working with you for free.  They help you choose an at-home workout program that is best for your personal fitness level.  Your program will be streamed online or done with DVDs.  You’ll replace one meal each day with a healthy shake that’s tastes like you’re cheating.  They will offer nutritional support to help you correct the way you think about food.  A personal coach will get to know you as a person, not as a paycheck.  You’ll learn how to use food as fuel.  They will give you advice to change the way you prepare food at home as well as share advice on eating out in a healthier way.  They will give support both personally as well as through private online groups with other people just like you each on their own personal weight loss journey.

Benefits of a weight loss coach

Weight Loss Coach

Workout at home on your schedule, no gym fees required.

So, what are the benefits of a personal weight loss coach?  Teamwork.  Support.  Advice.  At home workouts done on your perfect schedule.  As a Beachbody coach, I am the CEO of my own online home based business doing personal weight loss coaching.  I help people change their mindset as they are changing their bodies.  Part of what I offer is advice, part is encouragement, part is cheerleading, part is motivation.  You have to put in the work yourself, but, with a personal weight loss coach online, you’re not doing it alone.  When you feel like quitting, when the haters in life are getting you down, reach out and your coach will be there to help you redirect your focus and get back on track.

Some of my challengers are looking to me because they don’t know how to get motivated to lose weight in the first place.  Motivation is part of what I do, but the true motivation must come from within yourself.  You must find your own “why” to push through the challenging times when the little voices in your head are telling you to quit.  I can help, but you are the one who has to do the work.  Losing weight isn’t easy, nor for the faint of heart. Commit to yourself, love yourself enough to fight for a better lifestyle.

Are you ready?

When someone is ready to commit to changing their health, a personal weight loss coach provides benefits beyond a basic exercise class or gym membership.  You’ll find a mentor, a friend, an adviser.  Are you ready to commit to improving your health?  Contact me to get started today.