Workout Routines For Women At Home

Workout Routines For Women At Home

When researching workout routines for women at home, it’s important to look beyond the routine or program itself to the reason we women want to workout at home.

Who is this woman looking for an at home workout?


Perhaps she’s a mama, like me, with small children at home.  For this mama, convenience is a huge factor.  If we need a gym membership, then we also a regular baby-sitter (because the gym doesn’t allow us to workout with a child in-tow), not to mention cute workout clothes because we are going out in public after all.  At this point, expense becomes another factor.

Perhaps we can handle the expense of the gym and baby-sitter in addition to the inconvenience of having to drive somewhere to do our workout routines.  Our next consideration might be the embarrassment factor.  I’m thinking of everything from post-delivery weight to the middle age paunch to a life-long struggle with weight.  Many of us are larger women who can’t bear the disdain of the other gym members who look at us like freaks in our super-sized T-shirts hanging long to cover our super-sized rear-ends.  Maybe this isn’t an issue for you, but it sure was for me.  I was that lady.  From personal experience, I can honestly say it’s humiliating at best.

On the other end of the spectrum is my dear friend, the slender woman.  Tired of being hated for being”skinny”.  Tired of the disdain spewed out by the larger women in her life.  This lady may want to gain weight, build muscle, tone and shape her body.  Her struggle is just as real as the heavy lady’s.

So, what’s the best way to work out at home?

Workout-routines-for-women-at-homeWorkout routines for women at home can be as easy as popping in a DVD and pushing ”play” or warming up the laptop to stream your workout.
As an independent Beachbody coach, I can show you a wide variety of workout programs you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The beauty of working out at home with a Beachbody program is it’s:workout-at-home

  • Convenient – push play while the kids are napping or include them in your workout
  • Cost-effective – no need for gym membership/baby-sitter/special wardrobe
  • Flexible – wide variety of programs for every fitness level; some require equipment, others require none; no set workout or class schedule


Okay, I want to work out at home, now what?

healthy-mealTruly, the best at home workout program for women is the one that begins in the kitchen.  You can’t outwork a bad diet.  All Beachbody programs come with a meal plan that you customize to reach your personal fitness and health goals.  Whether you’re trying to lose the last 10 pounds of post-baby weight, wanting to avoid weight-related health issues that run in your family, or battling a lifetime of poor nutrition and lack of exercise…we can help.

We also recommend coupling your healthy eating plan with Shakeology, Beachbody’s super-food-dense meal replacement shake.  Oh, sure.  You’ve heard it’s expensive, but at about $4 per serving it’s cheaper than any meal I can buy anywhere with comparable nutritional value.  Worried you won’t like it?  Shakeology comes with a “bottom-of-the-bag” guarantee!

So, now you have workout routines for women at home, you have a healthy-eating meal plan, a nutrient-rich, delicious, super-food shake…  What more do you need?  Support!healthy-meal

Most people, men and women, quit on themselves for lack of support.  That’s why we, at Team Healthy and Fit, offer free coaching and support.  Wait.  What?!  FREE?  Yes, free!  Team Healthy and Fit offers free coaching to each of our challengers in a private online format.  Again, it’s completely free and totally convenient.  Check-in daily to share how you’ve held yourself accountable to taking those steps toward your goals for a healthier and fitter you.

Are you ready to be one of the 20% of the population who actually begins a lifestyle change and sticks with it, or will you join the 80% who quit before they reach their goals?  The choice is yours.  It’s easy to do…and easy not to do.

Contact me to get started today.

Best Home Based Business

Best Home Based Business

Many people out there are making good money without having to get a 9-5 job.  How are they doing it?  By being the CEO of their own home based business.  I’ve found one of the best home based business ideas… Beachbody!

Why would I want a Home Based Business?

Working from home can be very satisfying; perhaps one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.  You are your own boss.  You make your own schedule.  The future you’re building through your earnings is your own.  This means your efforts directly affect your business, unlike having a J-O-B where your efforts are building your boss’ bottom line. You also have the chance to be creative and try new things.


Living room modified gym

The health and wellness community is huge and the need, especially in the U.S., is great.  I chose to become a Beachbody coach to share what I was doing while on my own weight loss journey.

I workout in the comfort of my own home and drink Shakeology daily.  I set my own hours around my homeschool and family activities.  I get to meet other people just like me working to get healthy and fit.  I participate in and run challenge groups for accountability and support.  Imagine waking up each day excited to see what new ideas you might put to use in your own business where you are the CEO.

At 54, I was looking for the best home based business I could begin working at now and still be able to continue earning a living into my retirement years.  My goal was to replace my husband’s Real Estate income so we could be free to travel the U.S.


Shakeology– The Best Meal Replacement, ever.

With a home based business like Beachbody, we can live wherever we want and have a flexible schedule with plenty of family time.  I would love to continue to homeschool our last two children while touring all of the wonderful historic sites around the world.  Yes, if you have internet access, you can do this business from anywhere.  Our ultimate goal is to be free to give abundantly of our finances, our time, and our labor.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, looking for a little extra income to help with the bills, or looking for a complete over-haul in your career, a home based business like Beachbody may be just the right fit for you.  It’s inexpensive to buy a business center, but if you’re willing to try out the products and programs with a Challenge Pack, the business center is free!  Imagine that!  Where else can you buy into your own business with a start-up cost of zero?

Building any business takes time.  Building your own business from scratch will always have it’s ups and downs.  Beachbody offers plenty of support and training through the company itself as well as through sponsoring coaches.  This business is fun, duplicable, and service-oriented.  If you’re a people-person with a desire to help others…search no further. The best home based business… Beachbody.

What would I be doing?

Home based business coaches encourage others in their weight loss efforts

Inspire, motivate and encourage others in their health and fitness journey

As a personal Beachbody coach, you’ll have access to dozens of complete workout programs including the meal plans that accompany them for a total fitness package.  Using the products and programs, you’ll share your successes with your friends, family, even strangers.  As you share your own experience with others, you’ll find that some of them want to join you and try it, too.

You’ll have the opportunity to inspire, motivate, and encourage your challengers to improve their own health and fitness. That’s what we like to call “Paying it Forward”.  When those you’ve helped share their story and their journey, they, in turn, inspire others.  And so on, and so on…

Are you a health and fitness focused person?  Would you like to lead live classes using the wonderful programs available through Beachbody?  Certification classes are available!

How much can I expect to make with Beachbody?

As in any business, the amount of effort you put into it will determine your income.  Beachbody makes no guarantees of income, they simply offer the opportunity and the resources.  What you do with it is up to you alone.

Will owning your own business always be sunshine and roses?  No.  No business can guarantee that, but being a Beachbody coach will definitely offer the most rewarding opportunity to reach hurting people with hope for a better tomorrow as they regain their health and fitness.

Whether you are on your own weight loss journey or not, love to help people, have time to invest in starting something worthwhile for yourself and your family, want to earn extra income from home, or are just looking for a change, check out Beachbody.  It’s the best home based business I’ve found… and it’s not my first experience… but definitely the best!

I’m in!  Now what?

Are you intrigued enough to take the next step?  Want more information?  Message me on Facebook.